The Lar:

The Lares were worshipped or honored in households during the days of the Roman Empire. They are guardians of the home, the property, the family, and bringers and safeguarders of abundance and bounties. They are stalward and noble guardians who provide protection for you and your family, your home and your hearth, and will make sure that from a spiritual perspective, your property and all in it are kept safe from harm. To this end, they work together fantastically with the Watchers of the Watchtowers. Please check out our Custom Conjuration for these wonderful spirits as well. A group of four Watchtower Watchers each with a single Lar working for them will ensure that you and yours are strongly protected at all times. 

Please see our FAQ For Spirit Conjurations for further info!


Policies and cautions before purchasing:

Please be aware that, especially for beginners, conjurations may, and likely will, cause inconvinient symptoms as a result of the "Adjustment period." The Adjustment Period is what we call the time it takes for a human to physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically become used to the new link that is established between themselves and their new spirit companion. These symptoms are a) not dangerous, and b) only temporary. Symptoms may include, but are not limited to: headaches, irritability, inexcplicable tiredness, light-headedness, emotional outbursts, and erratic moods. It is important to note that every individual responds differently to different spirits.

We will require you to tell us your full name and full date of birth in order to do a conjuration and binding for you.



We utilize conjuration and binding techniques which will bind your spirit companion directly to your Spirit. We will not ship you items. Please be aware of this before purchasing. As a result, there will no shipping costs.  



Be advised that we will not sell any of our items to clients below the age of 18.

Please also be aware that for medical conditions, whether mental or physical, you should always consult the appropriate trained, licensed professional. The items sold in this store are not a replacement or substitute for professional help. 

The law requires that we state that these items are listed "For Entertainment Purposes Only." We are not liable for any and all misusage of this item, nor can we guarantee that these items will work magically.