variant edition
DC Comics (2006)

I try to be fair and honest in my grading, and make every attempt to mention loose pages, stains, tears, binding damage, etc.
Sometimes I find that a comic falls between two grades, in which case I will list it with a two-grade scale.
NEAR MINT - MINT: I rarely use these grades, except when a comic is in truly exceptional condition.
VERY FINE: very nice with virtually no major defects.
FINE+: an even nicer copy, with minimal obvious defects.
FINE: a nice copy, flat with minor creases; may have some spine stress, but no prominent defects.
FINE-: better than VG+ but just a bit short of what I would consider Fine.
VERY GOOD+: most of the comics I list fall into this grade; a typical read comic with obvious defects as noted; may have light back cover stains.
VERY GOOD: fairly well-read with an accumulation of tears and defects as noted; may be heavily creased or spine-rolled; back cover stains may be present.
GOOD: a complete but heavily-read comic; may be missing pieces of covers, loose covers, rolled spine or other noted damage.
FAIR: a rough comic, with many defects including tears. missing pieces, water damage, spine wear, etc.
POOR: no missing pages unless noted, but otherwise a pretty trashed comic; almost any and every damage may be present.