AM9088 BROADWAY Rectangular Rain Drop Crystal Chandelier



Our series of raindrop crystal chandeliers have been created with the very best workmanship and attention to detail, which makes this series very desirable for the very best in interior design and special features. Totally flexible in design and finishes. Lighting products play an important role in any room setting. Hence, you need to make sure that the items you choose should brighten the room while rendering it a relaxing and welcoming feel as well. The key to an elegant, opulent, bespoke design is understanding the aspirations of the client, the relevance of location and through maximizing the potential of existing elements of the space. Because our lightings are made by a workforce that still relies on traditional working methods, each product workshops is unique and carries with it sensitivity of the artisan. Attract attention, provoke emotion to what the imagination with games of light and matter, such as the ambition and the creative spark of the RAINDROP brand.



Collection: Residential

Size:  18" Width x 32" Length x 10" Height  (Custom sizes also available!)

Extension: Adjustable rod comes in connectable segments for a customizable length

up to 12 ft. each

Shape: Rectangular (available in any shape as well)

Frame Finish: Polished Chrome or Created in Rare Metals (Different frame finish options also available at no additional cost.  See photos for additional finishes.)

Materials: Brass Egyptian Asfour Crystal (or Swarovski crystal elements additional 40 %)

Weight:  80 LBS

Bulbs:  18 L 40W E14 LED dimmable

Assembly: Partly assembled

Dimmer Switch Compatible: Yes

Shipping: LTL

Rush Order: 4-6 Weeks; 15% added to the total

Regular Lead Time: 6-10 Weeks

Warranty: 5 Years Full Coverage (includes parts replacement)



Size Price
18" Width x 32" Length x 10" Height (as shown) $1,930.00                                          
24" Width x 40" Length x 10" Height $3,020.00
28" Width x 50" Length x 10" Height $3,924.00
32" Width x 60" Length x 10" Height $4,560.00
36" Width x 66" Length x 10" Height $6,310.00
40" Width x 72" Length x 10" Height $8,430.00
44" Width x 78" Length x 10" Height $9,610.00