This is a repair service, you must ship us your board for repair!

TV Models affected:

Different part/board numbers we service:

Symptoms of a bad main board:
HDMI don't work but TV turns on fine 
No signal appears regardless of what is plugged in 
No sound out of the HDMI ports
TV does not turn on
Vizio Logo keeps blinking but never turns on
On screen Vizio Logo freezes and does not allow the TV to fully turn on 

How does this REPAIR SERVICE work?
  • You ship us your board for repair
  • We process the package once it arrives
  • We test the board you shipped to confirm the failure
  • We repair the board, unless it arrived in working condition, in which case we will ship the board back (refund details below)
  • Once your board has been fixed, we will test it in a live TV set to ensure quality!
  • We then ship your repaired board back to you

How do I ship my board to you?
We recommend you use a shipping carrier with a tracking service such as USPS priority mail. Do not ship your board with peanuts or styrofoam. We will visually inspect the package and board upon arrival and note down any damage and take pictures if need be

Where do I ship my board?
Shipping information will be provided only once an order has been placed

Do you work on boards that have been fixed or reflowed before?
We sure do, but you must message us with details prior to placing an order

What if my symptom isn't one of the symptoms in your listing?
We are able to repair symptoms not listed, but you must message us prior to placing an order

What happens if you can't fix my board? 
It is rare that we are unable to fix a board, however there are instances where unusual failures can occur, if this is the case, we will send you a refund minus return shipping fees

What if you receive my board in working condition and it passes your tests?
If your board arrives in working condition, a refund minus testing fees (a restocking fee of 20%) will be issued. Note that the return shipping fee is not reimbursed

What if I have a problem with my board after it has arrived, is there a warranty for this REPAIR SERVICE?
Yes, a one (1) year warranty for repeat failure (the same failure you had originally) is included with this premium repair service from the date of departure of our repair center

Please do not purchase this REPAIR SERVICE if you do not agree with the above terms and conditions!