Handmade needlepoint Collie Smooth TAG-A-LONG Crate Tag - it is jewelry/art for your dog's kennel.


Your dog's crate is their very own personal space, like a bedroom, and there is no reason why it can't look attractive while being functional. My TAG-A-LONG Crate Tags will help you achieve that desired look.


Whether you have a hard working dog with a job, top show champion, or ruler of the couch your canine companion deserves nothing but the best. Most crate tags you see on the market today are all quite similar. Either cut by laser or saw, and let's face it they can be bland and boring. However, mine are not, I personally cut and stitch each piece by hand with loving care. Hand stitching with yarn gives my crate tags that rich textural artistic quality that makes every breed I make pop!



This listing is Made To Order* and Proudly handmade in the USA


The Collie Smooth TAG-A-LONG measures (without wood & hardware) about 4 3/4” x 3 1/2” (12.065 x 8.89 cm). You get one crate tag, your choice of available colors. Choose one color from #1, #2, #3, #4, or #5 in the photo. (Don’t forget to email me and let me know what color you will like to receive.) TAG-A-LONGS are made of plastic canvas, yarn, 2 lobster claw clasps, 2 jump rings, 2 split rings and a blank wood tag. (Please Note: ** Wood and jewelry findings used may vary slightly due to available supplies. In most cases you’ll most likely never notice a difference.) The large clasp on my crate tags will attach to nearly every type of dog crate.



Besides their obvious use as a crate tag (for both at home and dog shows) they can easily be used as a decorative display, wall hanging, car rear view mirror decor, or hung on glass via suction cup. Customers have even used them as remembrances for a beloved dog that has passed. Wherever you display these stitched gems they are sure to attract attention.


Need a perfect gift for a for dog lover in your life? From breeders to pet owners everyone will enjoy receiving one or more of these unique crate tags as a gift. I constantly receive complements from excited customers that are impressed that the crate tags are even lovelier in person.


Buy a crate tag in all your favorite breeds and colors for each of your dogs' crates and everywhere you wish to display. If you do not find the breed/color you are looking for in my listings please contact me. I will see what I can do to remedy that.


Not only are they a useful piece of art you can also customize them, as the wood tag is left up to you to personalize any way that takes your fancy. On the wood tag, you can write your dog’s name, kennel name, sayings, phrases, or whatever you wish. (I am sorry but I do not do any personalizing on the wood tag.)


My crate tags have sold all over the world and to nearly every state in the USA. I have had orders from Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, and the UK just to name a few places.



*Made to order – What does this mean?

When you purchase my TAG-A-LONG Crate Tags I will stitch a new one for you. If there is a color option email me your choice, please use the numbers (#1 or #2, etc.) in the photo. It may take anywhere from 1 to 5 days per crate tag to make. My heart and soul goes into every item so I will not rush to produce at the expense of making a quality item. If there is a delay, I will contact you right away. There is a possibility that I may have certain colors/breeds in stock. You are more than welcome to ask if an item is in stock.




Changing the underappreciated art form of needlepoint on plastic canvas from cross-stitch’s ugly stepsister into Cinderella, one creation at a time.



BarLee Creations was created over 15 years ago, back when I finally decided to sell my English Springer Spaniel artwork. Then in 2005, I began branching out with a line of all breed dog crate tags. My latest line is Pet jewelry, Pet and Owner jewelry sets, and jewelry for Dog Lovers.


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