Happy Dog and Cat Mug Tea Cup Karen Gelff Chalelur Feline Cat Kitten Design

This cup will make you smile.  It was designed for the Happy Dog and Cat Collection by Karen Gelff

Karen was born with a whimsical view of the world, and has
explored this gift through her unique creations. As an artist
residing in Carmel, California, her creativity is inspired each
day by the beauty of her surroundings. She was formally trained,
received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in southern California,
and studied art and ceramics in Florence, Italy.   Her love for the great outdoors gives her work a fun
and refreshing flair.

There is some miner chipping on the bottom of the cup. The precious owner tried to cover the chips with marker. PLEASE be sure to look at the pictures closely and you can see what I am talking about.

Approx.4.25" Diameter at Lip
Approx. 2.75" Tall to lip