This beautiful Cobalt Glass Posy Ring is very rare.  I can not find it anywhere and do not know who manufactured it. It has about 4 small chigger bites that I have tried to picture around the lip of the ring. I had to feel around the lips to actually find them. The one on the inside is the biggest one and it is maybe 5 mm at the most and very hard to see without close inspection. They are not easy to picture because they are so small. I will entertain offers so please feel free to make them. 
I added a compact inside the ring on one picture just to give an idea of the size. 
It measures about 10" in diameter.

I was told that only about 10 of these were even made. I really don't know but if you have info on it I would appreciate feedback. Thanks! 
Serious offers will be considered. 
Because of the fragile nature of this item I do not want to make refunds available on it. I will package the item carefully and put insurance on it. Shipping one way is a big enough chance to take without taking returns and possible breakage upon return shipping. Thank you for your understanding.