GT Pro Racing 66cc/80cc Bike Motor Kit - Description

These Pro Racing 66cc bicycle engine kits give 3.85 HP “the little powerhouse engine of the industry.”

3.85 HP 2 cycle gas/oil mix bike motor kits. Pro Racing 66cc/80cc Bike Motor Kit: 1/2 gal. gas tank, chain and sprocket, handlebar controls, mounting hardware package and instruction sheet. Total wt. is 24 to 27 lbs.

Starting your Pro Racing 66cc/80cc Bike Motor Kit (Standard Finish): Pedal normally or use engine power at your option. The engine starts quickly when the handlebar clutch lever is released while pedaling. Twisting the throttle controls the speed to 45 mph. Speed depends on rear sprocket ratio and weight of rider.

Pro Racing 66cc/80cc Bike Motor Kit (Standard Finish) fits best on bikes with 25 to 30mm diameter 70 degree Vee type frames but can be installed on larger diameter tube frames with modifications. “Looks Cool” on the older cruiser type coaster brake bikes.

This bike motor kit comes with everything that you'll need except gas and oil! You will be able to stop or start the engine as you ride. There is no rope pulling needed and it gives more speed and gets around 150 miles on a gallon of gas. Please Tell a Friend about this product and help spread the word about Motorized Bicycles.

Get your Pro Racing 66cc/80cc Slant Head Bike Motor Kit (Standard Finish) now while supplies last at this price.

Bicycle Motor Engine Kit Includes: (View Larger Image)

Pro Racing 66cc/80cc Motor

3.85 HP


With GT80 Reed Valve & Keihin Carburetor Clone Assembly - $60 VALUE!

Friction Clutch; Pedal Start

Magneto With Solid State CDI Ignition

44Tooth, 9 Hole Chrome Sprocket

3 Plate Sprocket Kit

2.0 Liter Fuel Tank, Tear Drop Shape (Black Color)

Chrome Muffler

Push Button Clutch Lever And Cable

Twist Throttle With Engine Kill Switch

Improved Gas Valve

Fuel Line #2

Idler Pulley Chain Tensioner with Bearings

Chrome Lined Cylinder Wall

Head With Center Fire Spark Plug

202 Crankcase Bearings

Needle Bearings On Piston Wrist Pin

Improved 415 Chain

Chain Guard

Tool Kit

All The Mounting Brackets, Gaskets, And Hardware Including Nylon Locking Nuts

Universal Motor Mount

Complete User Manual

Extra Standard Slant Cylinder Head