Treasure Paintings By JR Bissell: 'Colors Of The Unseen'

Pirate Gold Coins

Treasure Paintings by JR Bissell: “Colors of the Unseen” Much like treasure, people tend to radiate a consistent color under most light. Treasure radiates gold under the average light, because it absorbs the rest of the colors on the spectrum, and bounces back the gold color. We too as humans, under the average light, radiate a consistent color (our personality). However, a gold coin can surprise us, under specific lights, we may see hues of greens, or reds depending on what experiences that coin has had (was it under water, did it receive boscoreale toning due to a volcanic eruption). The same can be seen in people, although they may have a certain personality on most occasions, different lighting (or experiences) can show us different colors (or personalities) of that human (such as a child stuck under a car, we may see a heroic, bold side of a otherwise cautious person). I call this painting the “Colors of the Unseen” because much like treasure, humans also have unseen colors when different lights shine on us. 

This painting looks great no matter which way you hang it, I attached photos of it hanging long ways to just show, also the boarders of the painting really compliment the actual art, making it pop exponentially, like the lining of a blazer does to some suits.