FurReal Friends Plush 8" Teacup Sound Action White & Black Furry Puppy Dog





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THANK YOU to those who make each day brighter for at-risk children

A $9.99 Sale provides a profit of $3.32.  We certainly do not sell to be dollar rich.  Funds from All items auctioned, thanks to your supportive purchases, provide warm meals & basic medical assistance to less fortunate children right now & right here where hunger still exists every day in the United States.

You CAN & DO make great changes to better at-risk childrens lives thru your generous purchases



We are a Christian faith-based activist community childrens charity working with distributors, gift stores, & toy shops, purchasing--not getting free--extra toys & turning them into necessary basic needs revenue for at-risk children.

ALL items offered are listed truthfully--using our own pictured items. There may be items without paper hang-tags sent direct to us...but that does Not mean lack of quality. If you are a shopper with "pristine perfect" ideas toward charitable endeavors discounting toys meant to bring joy to children--then please shop at full retail costs in brick & mortar stores.  There is no sadder attitude than any "buyer" who asks--Has a child ever held this toy?!
While we do accept returns as all good sellers, we do not participate in any return labeling program & do not pay any return shipping costs due to cost-rising abuse of that program.

We do answer all serious buyer questions about all items & our toys are carefully checked to make a sale successful.
We always try to price our offered items more than fairly, but we can still appreciate REALISTIC generous offers sent with respect & kindness. We depend on good people to think from the heart -- not just the pocketbook.


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FurReal Friends Plush 8" Teacup Sound Action White & Black Furry Puppy Dog

  Barks & yaps; Head moves & eyes open & close

Displayed--Tested & Working Well
Batteries are removed from toys before shipping for safety. Please make sure to use your fresh batteries for best performance.





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