Flower Pot Cartoon Emoji Smile Face Toy Mini Flowerpot Succulents Fleshy Plants

High quality and creative flower pots, all kinds of cute face, just sprinkle a little water on it waiting for him to sprout surprise.
Soak idiot five minutes after watering, conduct sun absorption, 2 to 3 weeks the grass grow 5 to 8 cm, can be a variety of shapes of pruning.

Type: Flower Herbs Pot
Flowerpot: Planted with Pot
Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy
Function: Beautifying
Material: Ceramic  
Item Size: 5X4cm
Classification: Canned Plant
Use: Indoor Plants
Style: Annual
Climate: Temperate
Location: Office Desks
Sizes: Mini
Variety: Grass

The package consists of: 
1pc Flower Pot Cartoon Emoji 

Note: Due to different computer monitors, colors of the product might appear slightly different compared to ones you see in the pictures.