1. 220x220x220mm printing size, meet your daily need
2. Only take 3 step to assemble
3. 3.5 inches touch screen, HD display, easy to operate
4. Auto-leveling funcion. high quality customized automatic light sensor multi-point detection, high accuracy
5. With power resume function, the printer automatically stores the current printing data and location when the power outage
6. Filament run out detector, when the filaments are used up, the printing is automatically suspended
7. Dual fans, filament cooling fan + heat cooling fan design, better heat dissipation
8. With bowden extruder, well designed MK8 nozzles
9. Support heated bed
10. In aluminum profile and sheet metal, high stability and durable to use
11. Profectional slicer, Tronxy slicer makes you to use software more convenient, slicing your model faster and printing reliably

Package Included:

1x TRONXY® X6A 3D Printer