Masala Chai Latte in Tea Infusers

About This Tea

This remarkably assertive tea is a blend of robust Darjeeling and Assam black teas, natural cardamom, cinnamon, cloves & other spices that make the Chai Latte  "America’s favourite".

Refund Policy  - 30 Days, 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you don't like the tea, we will issue a 100% Refund immediately.

When you buy this tea you not only buy premium natural tea but also help improve living conditions for farm and factory workers in a developing country.

Why Tea Infusers

Would you still be driving your great grand dad’s car, every single day when you could be driving a smart new car? Most likely not. It is the same with tea bags. Why do we still use tea bags that were invented over a hundred years ago and haven’t changed since. At best they are messy to handle. But the real problems with tea bags start when soaked in water. Like a sponge they absorb water and collapse under their own weight not allowing tea inside to swirl freely and release its flavors and aroma. To compensate, tea bags are filled with cheap residual tea dust that is rich in tannins ( a substance that gives your tea a dark tan) but very poor in taste, flavor and natural aroma. You only get that from whole leaf tea when allowed to steep freely in water. To do this you need quality leaf tea, a teapot, strainer and stirrers at the least. Imagine carrying all that everyday just to get a decent cup of tea at work. Not very practical, are we?

 We decided to change that and came up with prefilled rigid tea infusers that do not collapse when steeped in water, allowing whole leaf tea within the desired space to uncurl, swirl and release their delicate flavors and aroma. Unlike tea bags, Tea Infusers let you enjoy the luxury of premium whole leaf any time, any where even on your office desk. No tea pots, strainers or stirrers needed. Just place a Tea Infuser directly  in a cup and pour hot water over it, let steep for about two minutes and your premium tea is ready to sip. Our Infusers are 100% recyclable after use.