For Daughter: Inspiring Poem to tell your daughter how much you love her. Shower her with your love, give her a gift from the heart, and give her the wonderful gift that will be cherished for years to come. *Caption for entire poem: * Daughter, there are times when I need a friend to talk to, But every friend I can think of Just isn t the right person For the mood I am in. My usual friends who Understand and care about me Just aren t the ones I want To listen to my problems: I need "you". You are the one who can Really understand me and Who can make me feel better Just by hearing your voice. You always knew I was strong enough To get through my troubles. And though my friends to get Through the changes, You are the only one in my life Who I knew will be there for me Anytime of the day or night And understand exactly how I feel! Brand new. Wrapped in re-sealable plastic sleeve allowing for easy personalization and dedication. To make your gift even more meaningful as keepsake, we suggest you write a brief dedication inscription at the beginning of poem, sign and date at the bottom, for added value. Ready for Framing and gifting.