Caption ---------------[My New Best Friend! Today I met a great new friend, who knew me right away; it was funny how she understood all I had to say. She listened to my problems, she listened to my dreams, we talked about love and life she'd been there, too, it seems. I never once felt judged by here she knew just how I felt, she seemed to just accept me and all the problems I'd been dealt. She didn't interrupt me or need to have her say, she just listened very patiently and didn't go away. I wanted her to understand how much this meant to me, but as I went to hug her something startled me. I put my arms in front of me and went to pull her nearer, and realized that my new best friend was nothing but a Mirror! ] ---------------Beautiful and Inspiring poem for dear friend for all gifting occasions. Your friend receiving your gifts will be thrilled and full with joy. Shower them with your love, give them a gift from the heart, give them a poem from GoodOldSaying! We have Gifts that: ---Keep on giving and last a lifetime---Are motivational, Inspirational, Spiritual and Thoughtful---Appreciated because she knows you really care---Have potential to change lives---Make someone's day by bringing sunshine and hope. Like a greeting card, a GoodOldSaying poem can express your feelings, but GoodOldSaying can also be framed and displayed. It's a wonderful gift that will be cherished for years to come. Brand new. Wrapped in re-sealable plastic sleeve allowing for easy personalization and dedication. To make your gift even more meaningful as keepsake, we suggest you write a brief dedication, sign and date at the bottom, for added value. Ready for Framing and gifting. Additional Details ------------------------------ Package quantity: 1