Beautiful and Inspiring Personalized Poem for all gifting occasions. Your loving partner will be thrilled and full with joy. Shower him or her with your love, give them a gift from the heart. It's a wonderful gift that they will cherish for years to come. *Sentiments between Brackets are to be provided by Customer for Personalization., Please email us the required Info after transaction - - - CAPTION - - - [To My Loving Wife Jill,] A Note From The Bottom of My Heart This is for each and every moment that we have ever spent together; For each hug and every kiss that we have exchanged; For all the precious memories we have created together; For every time that we found a way to work through our problems; For each and every sacrifice and for the love that you have given me; This is for your sincere understanding and constant support; For the thoughtfulness and tenderness that you have always shown; This is for always being there when I needed you; But most of all My Love, this is to let you know how very special you are to me, and to be a reminder to you that from the bottom of my heartI Will Always Love You . . . PTP Art [Together Forever, Your Still loving Husband, after all these years, Robert] Brand new. This is a [Personalized] poem requiring special handling. After completing your purchase transaction, email us the Order No, personal information, i.e., Poem Opening and Closing Sentiment, Name(s) and Date, if any, etc., so we can the complete the personalization process.