Inspiring Poem to tell your loving partner how much you love him or her. Show him/her your love, give him/her a gift from the heart, and give the wonderful gift that will be cherished for years to come. *Caption for entire poem: *You ve created something wonderful in my life, something beautiful that was never there before I married you. Being with you has given new meaning to each sunrise we share and each new day we welcome together. And, in all of our love and our closeness, we found something within a confidence, a strength I never knew without you. Having you to believe in has made it easier to trust and believe in myself. You are my husband & My joy forever. Brand new. Wrapped in re-sealable plastic sleeve allowing for easy personalization and dedication. To make your gift even more meaningful as keepsake, we suggest you write a brief dedication inscription at the beginning of poem, sign and date at the bottom, for added value. Ready for Framing and gifting.