Beautiful and Inspiring Personalized Poem for all gifting occasions. Person receiving your gifts will be thrilled and full with joy. Shower them with your love, give them a gift from the heart. It's a wonderful gift that will be cherished for years to come. - - - CAPTION FOR POEM - - - *Sentiments between Brackets are to be provided by Customer for Personalization. A Special Thank-you To My Pastors Wife! I want you to know youve done something for me thats really made a difference. Youve taught me so much in so many beautiful ways. From you Ive learned things far more Important than knowledge found in books. Ive learned and grown from your example, Your encouragement, and most of all, from Your special way of being you. The thing Ive learned from you are Treasures Ill keep with me always gifts That can never be used up Or diminished by time or distance. And thats just one reason Among so many That youll always Be special to me! [May God Continue to Richly Bless You and John, Love, Barbara, January 19, 2009] Brand new. This is a [Personalized] poem requiring special handling. After completing your purchase transaction, email us the Order No, personal information, i.e., Poem Opening and Closing Sentiment, Name(s) and Date, if any, etc., so we can the complete the personalization process.