For Extended Family Member: Beautiful and Inspiring Poem to tell your loved one how much you love them. Show them your love, give them a gift from the heart. Like a card, a poem can express your feelings, but a poem can be framed and displayed. It's a wonderful gift that will be cherished for years to come. **Caption for entire poem: ** "Family ties" are precious bonds That passing time endears - - - A special warmth and closeness That grows stronger through the years. "Family ties" are lasting bonds, Woven in each heart, That keep the family Close in thought - - - Together or apart! This gives me a chance to let You know you re in the thought And heartfelt prayers of those who love you so! And because you re both so special, It s the perfect time to add You re the dearest kind of "Daughter & Son-In-Law" Anybody s Ever had! With Love to Both of You! Brand new. Wrapped in re-sealable plastic sleeve allowing for easy personalization and dedication. To make your gift even more meaningful as keepsake, we suggest you write a brief dedication inscription at the beginning of poem, sign and date at the bottom, for added value. Ready for Framing and gifting.