Pulled from working unit with damaged screen.
Samsung BN96-35462V LVDS Cable for UN65JS9000FXZA.
  • Part Type: T-Con Cable, LVDS Cable
  • Part Number: BN96-35462V.
  • Part Usage: LED/LCD.
  • Length A: 11.625" - 29.5275 cm
  • Length B: 2.1875" - 5.55625 cm
  • Width C: 1.0625" - 2.69875 cm
  • MFR Part Number 1: Samsung BN96-35462V.
  • Brands: Samsung.
  • TV Part Types: Board Cable
  • TV Models (Known): Samsung UN65JS9000FXZA TS01.
  • EpR ID Number: SA6516121055_LVDS
IMPORTANT: Electrical PCB Reuse HIGHLY recommends you verify the item you need by PART # (not model only) as many manufactures have variations of parts within the same models. Please, take the time to remove your parts and verify the part #. **Also, keep in mind, just because a Google search tells you the problem with your unit COULD be this part, does not mean that it is. By guessing, or relying on an Internet search, you could possibly be damaging additional parts as well as the part you just purchased. There are some great DIY resources on YouTube, and numerous forums to seek out help, which can make your project a rewarding learning experience.

Remember, you as the purchaser of the part are accepting the role of the technician in properly diagnosing and installing the part. We do not know your qualifications as such. If you have any concerns, please contact us prior to your purchase.

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Tirado de la unidad de trabajo con la pantalla dañada.
Samsung BN96-35462V Cable LVDS para
UN65JS9000FXZA TS01.
  • Tipo de artículo: T-Con cable, cable LVDS
  • Número de pieza: BN96-35462V.
  • Parte Uso: LED/LCD.
  • Una longitud: 11.625" - 29.5275 cm
  • longitud B: 2.1875" - 5.55625 cm
  • anchura C: 1,0625" - 2.69875 cm
  • MFR Pieza número 1: Samsung BN96-35462V.
  • Marcas: Samsung.
  • TV parte tipos:
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