BRAND NEW! THE BOOK OF MIRACLES By Malcolm Day. Extraordinary events in ordinary lives. Hardcover with dustjacket. 128 pages.

A miracle is a wondrous thing, beyond the power of nature and only just within the grasp of our senses. Whether one wholly believes in them or not, miracles have always exerted a fascination on even th emost incredulous of minds. The Book of Miracles records 50 spectacular miracles that have taken place since the birth of Christ. The first section explores the miracles performed by Jesus during his lifetime. The second section covers those extraordinary events that have happened since his death, in many cases involving the spirits of Jesus and Mary. The miracles are divided by type from Healing Miracles through to Weeping Statues, and they are accompanied by opinions from the church, skeptics, and scientists. Artists' depictions of these miraculous events combine with photographs of actual phenomena to illustrate the written accounts. By Barrons. From 2002. BUY TODAY!