Print Specifics:
  • Type of print: Wood engraving or Xylograph - Original antique print
  • Year of printing: not indicated in the print - actual: 1883
  • Publisher: F. von Hellwald, Leipzig, Heinrich Schmid & Carl Gunther
  • Condition: 1 (1. Excellent - 2. Very good - 3. Good - 4. Fair)
    • Light age toning of paper, slightly darker along the edges.
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 13 inches (24 x 33 cm), including blank margins (borders) around the images.
  • Paper weight: 3 (1. Thick - 2. Heavier - 3. Medium heavy - 4. Slightly heavier - 5. Thin)
  • Reverse side: Blank
  • Notes: 
    • Green color around the print in the photo is a contrasting background on which the print was photographed.
    • Photos show the overall view of print and image detail.
    • Slight distortion of the shape of print in the photo is caused by the camera.

These Falls are a pleasant episode in the Summer's journey to or from Niagara. They come in like the sweet lyrics which sometimes breathe from the solemn sublime  pages of an epic, or like a graceful and retiring flower amid a wild growth of the forest. They are not overwhelming, as the greatest of the cataracts is, filling the soul with   emotions that are unspeakable, but they are touching and beautiful, clinging to the memory like a soft strain of music, heard in the moon- light, or associated with a beloved voice, long since silent. After the roaring water, the never-ending, onward, awful sound of Niagara, there is something pensive, delicate, and quieting in their lesser  flow and murmur. They are the thunder subsiding into a low, far off roll, the vanishing echo of the tempest, while the lovely Iris which spans the pure, ascending foam,  seems the sign and pledge of a returning peace for the troubled soul. Niagara, it is true, is beautiful, has a grace even in its majesty, but its prevailing expression is that of  restless, all-conquering strength. It leaves on the mind impressions of tumult of waters writhing in agony of an eternal movement that knows no repose almost annihilating to our human individuality, but Trenton gives us the opportunity to recover and soothes us into rest.
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