Festival on Ice
Another Fine Quality Print from Martin2001

The photos show the print after and before the fold was smoothed out
See "Condition" below.

Print Specifics:
  • Type of print: Wood Engraving (Xylograph). The print came from a German art magazine, has text (unrelated to the picture) on the reverse side.
  • Year of printing: not indicated in the print - est. 1890s
  • Artist: Heilemann
  • Publisher: Richard Bong, Hanfstaengl, Berlin.
  • Condition: 1-2 (1. Excellent - 2. Very good - 3. Good - 4. Fair)
    • The print was originally folded in the middle by the publisher, making this print unsuitable for framing and display. In order to return this print 'to life,' I carefully smoothed out the fold/crease, touched it up where necessary and applied medium heavy, archival tape on the back of the fold to prevent it from reoccurring. Although it is impossible to completely repair the fold/crease, from a normal distance the fold/crease is almost indiscernible.
    • Light age toning of paper along the original fold.
  • Dimensions: 14.5 x 21 inches, including blank margins (borders) around the image. 1 inch = 2,54 cm.
  • Paper weight: 3 (1. Thick - 2. Heavier - 3. Medium heavy - 4. Slightly heavier - 5. Thin)
  • Note: 1. Green color around the print in the photos is a contrasting background on which the print was photographed. 2. If you need more info/photos, please send me a message..

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