Soft baby alpaca fur carpet, natural white with light beige tones.

80 x 60 cm/ 2'62 x 1'97 ft

An elegant carpet made of selected baby fur skins.  This cosy rug  which will bring a warmer feeling to any room in your home.
Precious and soft baby alpaca fur,  hand-worked and  hand-sewn, in a very  modern design.

We can manufacture this carpet in any size you would like and with the  lining you would like:  satin, fleece, polar, etc.    It is to use whereever you want to give a nice and exclusive look in your place.

How to take care of your rug:

The carpets can be simply cleaned with the vacuum cleaner.
To take away any dirt or spots,  take a normal carpet cleaner, brush it and let it dry flat in the floor.  From time to time let your fur rug in a place where the sun shines over and the hairs will look much nicer and puffy.

In the event you will want to wash it completely, it must be in a dry clean way and to a special place for  skin or leather dry cleaners.