Date Listed: 1/10/17

Box #: 76

Out of a:  Toshiba 62HMX94

Board Number(s): A5A001258010A

Board Type: Digital Board

J&J Electronics HIGHLY recommends you verify the item you need by PART# (not model) as many manufactures vary the part from model to model. Please, take a moment of time, take your unit apart, and verify the part#.


Also, keep in mind, just because a Google search tells you the problem with your unit COULD be this part, does not mean that it is.


If you are a consumer electronic technician you know how to test voltages and verify/rule out which parts are good and which are bad… if you are NOT a consumer electronic technician, we strongly suggest you have a certified CE technician diagnose your unit, so you only have to order the right part once to get your unit working. By guessing, or relying on an internet search, you could possibly be damaging additional parts as well as the part you just purchased. For this reason, all of our sales are considered final and are listed as “No Returns / No Refunds”. J&J Electronics tests all of our boards before listing and if determined defective board will be listed as so in the title. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at 920-739-1610. Thank you.


-J&J Electronics