Date Listed: 04/07/2017

Box #: 101

Out of a: Toshiba 46LX177

Board Number(s): PE0366A

Board Type: Low B Board

Are you an authorized service technician?

J&J Electronics is an authorized service center for many manufactures and employs highly skilled and certified technicians. If you are not a technician we strongly recommend you take your unit to an authorized service center near you and have them professionally diagnose your unit. This will insure that the proper part is being replaced in your unit and repairs are done correctly.

Are you relying on the results of a search engine?

We do NOT recommend simply typing in your symptoms into a search engine and then following the results without actually having your unit properly diagnosed. Many times your problem could be something else that is why it is important to have it diagnosed by an authorized service technician.

Are you ordering the right part needed?

Please verify the part you need by matching the part number printed on the board itself, do NOT rely on the model number of the unit, and do NOT rely on the results of a search engine.
Please take a moment of time to take your unit apart and verify the exact part number on the board/item itself.

Are you ready to order the part you need?

Ask before ordering is always a good thing.  Please feel free to message us via or call us (920-739-1610) if you have any questions BEFORE you make a purchase. Have ready the item/part number and details on your question including the make and model of your unit, and we will respond as soon as possible. This helps prevent any issues before you receive your item.

Are you in need of assistants after you place an order?

For the fastest service, PLEASE call us (920-739-1610) FIRST! Our technicians will help with any questions you may have.

Do NOT open an return request without contacting us FIRST as this may delay the process. Call or email us and we will assist you with a return or exchange process without any delays.