Excellent condition. The slide is standard size 4" x 3.25".

Magic lantern slides consist of two slides of glass, a photo gel and a adhesive boarder. They come in various states of condition and states of repair. Some slides have seen more than a few slide masters. I do place an inventory sticker on the glass, which is easy to remove if you add a little heat. If there is any residue just take a q-tip with a bit of orange oil on it to the glass surface.


Excellent - excellent image excellent slide Paper edges

Great - maybe a small flaw - imperfect paper edges - small chip to the glass etc..

Very good - a slide that shows well and does not need repair - maybe a few minor flaws

Good - Generally image is good - slide may need repair.

Ok - slide needs repair or has been repaired - or some flaw that can not be repaired.

Poor - very few of these are listed - a slide that can not be repaired back to original state. Most likely has one or more cracks to the gel side of the glass.

I do my best to take a lot of pictures, so please consider them as part of the description. Please check my feedback and purchase with confidence. As with all my items I use best offer or buy it now. Many of the items I sell are from local estates, so I generally have a wide range of collectables and antiques for sale. Please feel free to ask for further information or additional pictures.

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