Cereal Box 


Does not include cereal, promos, toys, free offers, etc.


Note: Date is approximate. Unless date can be found elsewhere, 8 months is subtracted from the expiration date.

Size: Box measurement can be found in photo.

Cereal box is flattened & will be shipped flat. It may be "re-boxed". They can often be reshaped quite well without glue or tape.

CONDITION: See photos & description above. 

We have other Cereal boxes listed. Please have a look.

 You may disregard the letter/number in [] that follows the listing title. It is for store use only.

SHIPPING DISCOUNT (Domestic): Full price for 1st box, Half price for additional boxes purchased within 48 hours. If you are purchasing multiple items, please do not pay until I have a chance to update the shipping. (Discount may not be automatically calculated)

CANADA BUYERS: $9 US dollars. Please wait for me to update invoice before paying.

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