Print  Specifics:

  • Type of print: Steel engraving
  • Year of printing: 1821
  • Original artist - Publisher: Captain Batty - Rodwell & Martin, New Bond Street, London
  • Condition: 2 (1. Excellent - 2. Very good - 3. Good - 4. Fair)
    • Few light brownish areas/spots predominantly in blank margins. They are slightly darker in the actual print than in the photos.
  • Dimensions: 9 x 12 inches (23 x 30 cm), including blank margins (borders) around the image.
  • Paper weight: 2 (1. Thick - 2. Heavier - 3. Medium heavy - 4. Slightly heavier - 5. Thin)
  • Reverse side: Blank
  • Notes: 1. Green color around the print in the photo is a contrasting background on which the print was photographed. 2. Uneven tone in the pictures was caused by the light coming from one side only.

LYONS is a city which exhibits a great variety of picturesque points of view, all differing from each other in character.  The view here given is taken from the lofty heights which border the Saone at the point where the river takes a sudden turn, and flows directly towards the city. This may more properly be called a view of the suburbs, as the city is built on level ground immediately below the heights, in the angle formed by the confluence of the Saone and Rhone.  It is from this side that we enter the city. in coming from Paris, by crossing the bridge over the-Saone, which is partly seen in this view.  The neighbourhood of Lyons has of late years become considerably beautified, and numerous villas have been built on the varied grounds bordering the two rivers. The exclusion of English manufactures from the continent for so manyyearsgave great prosperity to those of France, and especially to the silks of Lyons, which have acquired great repute over the whole continent of Europe. 

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