IMPORTANT: Gage is NOT included!

Height: 210mm
Radius of movement: 130 mm
Fine Adjustment: 8mm
Base Size: 30 x 25mm
Holding Strength: 150 N

Precise microfine adjustment:
-zero-play fine adjustment made of high-quality steel
-precise positioning of the gauging instruments
-high accuracy
-combined holder for dial gauges and electronic length probes

Clever central tightening system:
-easy positioning
-all three joints fixed safely with one handle
-maintenance-free, mechanical central tightening system
-quick, stepless lock

The XS-13 line is the smallest Strato model suitable for use with dial test indicators on machine tools, in measurement systems & when only limited space is available. Pre-tensioning cannot be set.

About the Strato Line:
The Strato Line is the modern series with red anodized arm sections made of high-quality light alloy. The articulated arms are available in four sizes and can be combined with different bases. All models are equipped with a zero-play microfine adjustment (F) (approx. 1.3 mm stroke per revolution related to the mounting hole) with a combined holder for dial gauges, electronic length probes with shaft and dial test indicators.

About Fisso:
The 3D articulated gauging arms from Fisso with a central tightening system stand out due to their high quality and reliability. They are available in several designs: The Strato Line, made of a high-quality red anodized light alloy, is supplied in four sizes. The new ?-Line design allows high-precision measurements. The Classic Line, made of steel with chrome arm sections, is available in six sizes and is quite versatile thanks to a radius of movement ranging from 130 to 630 mm. The simpler Base Line articulated gauging arms are supplied in three sizes.

The Fisso articulated arms can be positioned easily and precisely in the desired position. All three joints are fixed with the central tightening knob. The quick lock and the stepless tensioning system assure high ease of use and allow efficient working.

The Fisso brand stands for user-friendly, individualized holding systems that meet all customer requirements. Fisso, the well-proven original, ensures high reliability, functional design and is Swiss made. Fisso systems are made of high-quality steel and light alloy. Their solid quality guarantees a long-lasting and maintenance-free service life.