When you see a piece that embodies all that is cool, luxurious but also simplistic, what more could you ask for? This beautiful oval crystal drop chandelier features a chrome-mirror finished base and has 4 cables that extend to 12 ft. guaranteeing you just the right placement. Its sturdy, but gorgeous frame is exceptionally adorned with a spectacular array of high-quality LED crystals that make up the piece as a whole and dangle flawlessly from top to bottom. The crystals dangle like enlarged raindrops frozen in time..and grace. They seem to have frozen mid-fall and add a magical touch to the simplistic clear tone of the piece. With all these wonderful qualities, there is no doubt that this piece will deliver a priceless ambiance and focal point in a room for years to come. Crystal chandelier that will best suit lounges, dining areas, hallways and elegance entrance hall,etc......


Collection:  Residential
Shape: Oval
Size:24" Width x 72" Height (Custom sizes are also available!) (24" W shown in photos)
Frame Finish: Polished Chrome (Different frame finish options also available at no additional cost.
See photos for additional finishes.)
Lights: 16 Light MR
Weight: 45 lbs.(for the 24" W)
Materials: Stainless Steel frame
Extension: 4 cables; Adjustable up to 12-ft. each
Ceiling plate: 16" x 16"  Chrome-mirror top-plate
Crystal: High-quality 30% LED Rainbow oval K9 laser cut crystals
Assembly: Fully Assembled
Dimmer Switch Compatible: Yes

Size Options:

Size Price
12" Width x 36" Height Price $898.00
18" Width x 44" Height Price $1,489.00
24" Width x 72" Height (as shown) Price $2,162.00
30" Width x 76" Height Price $2,860.00