Gilmore Girls Season 2 TV Series

The Complete Second Season

22 Episodes

All episodes from Season 2 are included in this collection.


Total run Time Season 2 is 22 Episodes.

Approx 976 Mins of COMMERCIAL FREE Time.

A 6-Disc Set, Aired in 2001/2002 timeframe.


Wholesome Family TV.


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Gilmore Girls, Season 2 TV Series aired in 2001/2002 timeframe staring Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Melissa McCarthy, and others


Season 2 is 22 Episodes. 976 Mins Approx Time.

A 6-Disc Set, Complete with the booklets shown in the pics.


This was the wife’s, geared more towards the girl audiences.


Give me a little break here, as I am not a bookstore business nor a big warehouse seller of bulk bought used media items (that for the most part are untested or written on).

I am a USA independent seller whose wife bought these

(for a whole lot more than they are going for now),

just trying to recycle them to someone else looking for

hours upon hours of commercial free CHEAP entertainment.

Something to curl up to when the weather is inclement.


Item is Previously USED and may have some light scratches and smudges on discs (maybe a occasional blip as wife don’t truly remember since it has been awhile since she last watched) that did not seem to affect the playback or storyline. Cardboard outer sleeve may have some corner bumps but I NEVER use stock photos and you can actually see the item you will receive (unlike the big sellers that won’t spend the time showing you what you will get).


Number of Discs 6

Year Original Aired in 2001/2002 timeframe

Approx Length 976 Mins

Rating NO Rating

Format: DVD

UPC: 883929047970


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