The Illuminati Grand Master ring is from our Master collection! It is extremely rare and only one will be ever offered here up for sale.


It was enchanted by dozens of Illuminati Masters and imbued with Secret Angelic, Demonic and Alchemical spell codes. Originally it was gifted to us by a Sorceress friend from Egypt. After utilizing it to fulfill our desires for years, we decided to offer it up to a worthy Master or Mistress.


Bound to this powerhouse ring are Thousands of Demons, Angels, Immortals, Djinns, Succubi and Incubi, Vampires, Deceased Spirits and other spiritual entities. The deceased and current Illuminati Masters also put into it a part of their spiritual essence and you will be able to work with all of them just by wearing the ring. You will become a Honorary Brother or Sister of the Illuminati Order and the Illuminati Masters will be your teachers, allies and friends.

Just by holding the ring will send intense energy wawes and warmth throughout your body. When you put it on your finger, it will immediately create a perfect Soul Bond between you, the Illuminati Masters and all the other spiritual entities bound to the ring. The more you use the ring, the stronger your connection will become with the spirits and the stronger their manifestation will become. Over time, they will know your deepest feelings, thoughts, emotions and fears and will work to always please you and fulfill your desires.

You will gain a portion of their spiritual powers and essence and your soul will absorb it and make it your own. The powers of your mind, body and soul will increase and be able to easily read the minds of others, dominate others and make them obey you and astral project.

The ring's aura will draw money to you from every direction and lead you to success in all fields. Be it gambling, job promotion, increased sales, etc. the ring's powers will generate you large amounts of money very easily.

The Illuminati Masters will create an eternal golden shield around the new keeper of this ring, which will protect you from all incoming black magick attacks, cursex, hexes, slander, bad luck and jealousy. The eternal golden shield will not allow any kind of negativity through to touch you.

The Illuminati Masters will often visit you to teach you and guide you, go with them on journeys to other dimensions and spiritual worlds, reveal to you secret spells and rituals, techniques and meditations and give you special words of power.

The Illuminati Masters are looking for a new student. Is that you? Can you feel and hear their call? Do you feel a connection to this ring? Act now!

No bonding ritual is necessary. Just by wearing the ring, you will be able to connect with the spirits.


All necessary information (names, full powers, etc.) will be provided to the worthy Keeper.

We will include with this ring two spellcast candles, spellcast incense, channeling stone, special oil, sigil scroll and a wooden charging box.