Keto chocolate: Lulu's Love Truffles Hazelnut Butter cups 78% Cacao 3 ct (5.5 carbs)

ulu's Chocolate - Organic Love Truffles Artisan Chocolate Chocolate Hazelnut Butter in 78% Cacao - 2 Cup(s)  (1.3 oz./32g each)

Lulu's Chocolate Organic Love Truffles Artisan Chocolate Chocolate Hazelnut Butter in 78% Cacao are handcrafted with heart using only the highest quality, purest ingredients. They use only cacao that is fair trade and sourced from small family farms. Every ingredient in their chocolate is sourced mindfully to ensure they are aligned with sustainable creation and they partner only with companies who hold these values. Their amazingly delicious raw cacao is sourced through Pacari in Ecuador. They sweeten their chocolate exclusively with low-glycemic Coconut Sugar, the nutrient rich sap of coconut palm trees! This nectar pours forth by "tapping" the blossom of the tree before it matures into a coconut. WOW!

Born of Raw Love

Lulu's Chocolate was born of love for exquisite raw chocolate, and a desire to eat only pure, whole foods. Their delicious creations are handcrafted with heart in small batches using only the finest ingredients for making organic raw chocolate bars. They take great pleasure in bringing bliss to their happy return customers. Just one bite and...The Love Affair Begins...
Environmental Packaging

Their beautifully designed packaging by Pixelface is printed on recycled paper using purely soy and veggie ink. The inside foil is made from 100% compostable Natureflex. Lulu's Chocolate makes the finest raw chocolate bar on the market. Lulu's Chocolate bars are for a new generation of raw chocolate enthusiasts; have detailed rococo radiant patterns, like a neo-modern form of chocolate currency. The heart opening design is like the feeling and experience of eating raw chocolate. The brand language is deeper. Each bar is represented by color and pattern based on the Lulu's Flavor Wheel. Sexy typography and Peruvian patterns on the inside also serve to distinguish Lulu's Chocolate ~ Tree to Tongue ~ focus!

Raw Chocolate Bar Collective
At the Chocolatree Cafe in beautiful Sedona, Arizona there is a Chocolate Room. Maybe the funnest room on the planet. Certainly the most delicious. From this intoxicatingly euphoric room come the magical creations of Jeffrey Botticelli of Fortina Chocolate, Kelly "Wonka" Johnson of Sedona Chocolate Superfoods and yours truly, Lulu and Edward, of Lulu's Chocolate. They donate 1% of their annual profits to a charity voted upon by members of their team.