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RTM LPR 35 is the famously improved BASF tape which offers more headroom, plus a 3 db higher input/output and a smoother surface (reduces head wear)  than older tapes. It has a coated back and the no-dropout-technology makes this the ultimate home studio tape.
There is no reason for buying 30 year old NOS tapes – RTM LPR 35 tapes are more cost efficient and rank higher in overall quality. Here is a quote from a professional - who used this tape - and compared it with old similar characteristics old  tape (Ampex 457):
 "With this "altered" (Calibrated to this tape ) Reel to Reel recorder, I am able to reach tape saturation, with the proper bias setting, long before running out of headroom in the record electronics. The result, using LPR35 blew me away. Setting max 1kHz record level for 3% THD and dropping the input by 10 dB, which I (semi-arbitrarily) define as reference level, or 0dB, gives a THD figure of only .3%. I don''t recall 457 ever being that good."


– Product Code: R34530
– Length: 1100m (3600ft)
– Standard Width: 1/4"
– Nominal Thickness (Total): 35.0?m (1.38mil)
– Reel Material: No Reel, NAB Hub
– Weight (With Box): 520g (18.34oz.)
– Manufactured in France
– More Details: RMGI_LPR_35.pdf.


BASF / EMTEC, Akai, Revox, Studer, Sony, Otari, Tascam, Teac, Pioneer, Technics


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SM900, LPR35, SM468 1/4", 1/2", 1", 2" reels and pancakes available upon request.