For packaging purposes, this blade is folded into a coiled position which is similar to a spring and may pop open when uncoiled. Wear leather gloves and eye/body protection while using extreme care when uncoiling the blade. Failure to exercise the proper care could result in serious bodily injury. See your bandsaw owner's manual for further safety instructions. Please refer to your owner's/operation manual tomake sure the blade's length, width andthickness can fit your bandsaw machine. This precision ground, thin kerf resaw blade is designed for reduced waste when cutting expensive hardwoods. During the manufacturing of this blade, The teeth are impregnated with carbide particles, making this a very durable blade which retains its sharpness even resawing the hardest and toughest woods. This blade is especially designed for resawing wood, particularly the hardwoods and other difficult to cut wood species. The narrow kerf conserves these expensive woods, giving you more yield from a block of lumber. The following bandsaw models use 101 inch ( 8 ft. 5 inch, 8' 5" ) bandsaw blades. Wilton 3575T, 3502 and General International 90-100 M1