The Ghoul Commander Amulet is from our elite collection! Only one will be ever offered here up for sale.

It's a dark arts offering. Cannot be used to heal or other benevolent purposes.


This amulet was enchanted with hundreds of Necronomicon rituals and spell codes. It contains the spiritual essence and power of a Ghoul Commander and his legions of ghouls.

They are masters of destruction, pain, suffering, misery, ruin, sorrow and will gladly destroy your enemies. They are loyal to their Keepers and never hurt you in any way. They are extremely powerful and NOTHING can stop them once they are unleashed upon your victim. The ghouls will never return without a successful hunt.

They are also excellent protectors and will guard you from enemies and protect from black magic attacks, curses, hexes, etc. and return them to the sender.

No bonding ritual is necessary. Just by wearing the amulet, you will be able to connect with the Ghoul Commander.

All necessary information (name, full powers, etc.) will be provided to the next Keeper.


We will include with this amulet one spellcast candle, spellcast incense, channeling stone, ghoul oil and a wooden charging box.