Mexico 2 Escudos 1714 "Fleet Shipwreck" Pendant

Pirate Gold Coins Shipwreck Treasures

MEXICO 2 ESCUDOS 1714 PENDANT JEWELRY 1715 FLEET PIRATE GOLD COINS SHIPWRECK TREASURE WOW, a partially Dated 1714 2 Escudos from the Shipwreck of the “1715 FLEET” It weighs approx. 13gm total (coin 6.7gm) and the Gold Bezel is 18kt!!! The LUSTER is blinding and compliments the Strong / Crisp STRIKE on this piece. Majority of Shield, 100% of the Mint and Assayer (oMJ), Partial legends on front (DEI. G. 17 = Dei Gratia = By the Grace of God). Reverse has Full Cross and majority of Tressure and partial Legends (RVM REX = King of SPAIN).