We are pleased to offer for your consideration this lovely view of the SS Cristoforo Colombo on a full bleed postcard, made by Arti Graffiche Bozzo of Genoa, Italy for the Societa Di NAvigazione of Genoa and the cruise liner. The Cristoforo Colomboi was the sister ship to the Andrea Dorea. She was also the ship which transported Michelangelo's Pieta for the 1964 New York World's Fair and; from the postmark on this card, this may have even been the very voyage on which that magnificent work of art made its travels.

The front features a full bleed (the picture goes all the way to the edge of the card) view of this magnificent and luxurious liners in her original black hull, which was changed to white in 1966.

The back of the card is a divided back card with "Printed in Italy" along the left side of the division. At the top center, on two lines is "Italia" "Societa Di Navigazione - Genova". At the bottom left is, "T/n "Cristoforo Colombo" (29.191 tonn. s. I.)". At the top left above the message area is the flag of Cruise line. At the bottom right, under the address area in tiny type, is the printer's info.

This card is in fair condition with the upper left corner region somewhat wrinkled, yet the corners are crisp and sharp. The back is postmarked 28 Mar 1964 and the stamp has been roughly removed, leaving exfoliated paper in the stamp box region.

This card will look great among your collection of Italian Cruise liners, Ships of the World and mementos of the Andrea Doria and her cruise line.