Made by Barsony Holsters and Belts

Made In The USA


S&W 40; 442; 638; 642; 940,
S&W 10; 12; 13; 34; 63,
S&W 60; 60LS; 640; 649,
S&W 325 PD,
S&W 396,
S&W 19; 66; 325; 329,
S&W 586; 686; 686+,
S&W 386; 386 PD; 686+,
S&W 38 Airlight,
S&W 360 360PD,
S&W M&P360 351PD,
S&W 340PD,
S&W M&P340 317 36 60,
S&W J Frame Snub Nose,
S&W K&L Frame Snub Nose,
S&W N Frame Snub Nose

or any SIMILAR 22 32 38 357 caliber Snub Nose or up to 2.5 barrel length revolvers

The photos show a right-hand draw holster.

Select Right : If you are right-handed you will draw your gun from underneath your left arm.
Select Left : If you are left-handed you will draw your gun from underneath your right arm.

The standard shoulder holster is adjustable up to chest size 50".

This traditional, horizontal shoulder holster has a wide flat shoulder pad made from durable cowhide leather.

The shoulder pads grab your clothing and do not slide from your shoulder as easy as Cordura shoulder pads.

The holster has a tunable / adjustable snap retention thumb break .

The harness offers four way size adjustment for a perfect fit and two way height adjustment for your revolver.

The straps are fully adjustable for all day comfort. This holster also has a belt loop tie down.

The holster is displayed with an airsoft pistol.