All Magnate bandsaw blades are welded and fabricated in the USA. The coils/material of the bandsaw bladesare USA brands. The picturedepicts a generalbandsawblade and thus may lookdifferent fromeach particular item.Note: theimage shows only one single blade. For packaging purposes, this blade is folded into a coiled position which is similar to a spring and may pop open when uncoiled. Wear leather gloves and eye/body protection while using extreme care when uncoiling the blade. Failure to exercise the proper care could result in serious bodily injury. See your bandsaw owner's manual for further safety instructions. Please refer to your owner's/operation manual tomake sure the blade's length, width andthickness can fit your bandsaw machine. This carbide tipped bandsaw blade is designed with precision triple chip ground teeth for smooth cuts and an excellent finish. The new high performance steel back offers excellent fatigue life. This blade outlasts carbon steel and bi-metal blades when cutting abrasive non-ferrous materials, wood; especially tropical hardwoods i.e. ebony, koa or cocabolo. When using a metal cutting bandsaw, it is also ideal to cut ferrous metal materials at least one inch thick, i.e. alloy steels, tool steels, bearing steel, carbon steels, stainless steels, and mold steels. The following bandsaw models use 72 inch ( 6 ft., 6' ) bandsaw blades. Shopsmith 10;