Raising Sheep the Modern Way by Paula Simmons-Table Of Contents [softbound]

Chapter 1 Starting With Sheep Chapter 2 Sheep Breeds Chapter 3 Fences and Pastures Chapter 4 Feeds and Feeding Chapter 5 The Ram Chapter 6 Flushing and Breeding Chapter 7 Pre-Lambing and Lambing Chapter 8 Abnormal Lambing Positions Chapter 9 Care of Baby Lambs Chapter 10 Orphan Lambs Chapter 11 Lamb Problems Chapter 12 Problems of Pregnant Ewes Chapter 13 Internal Parasites Chapter 14 External Parasites Chapter 15 Hoof Care Chapter 16 Medication Chapter 17 Wool and Shearing Chapter 18 Meat and Muttonburger Chapter 19 Profit From Sheep Chapter 20 Sheep Guardian Dogs Sources IndeX