Basic Prepping Essentials: Weapons by Woods

What can Basic Prepping Essentials offer you? Insights on guns, ammunition, products, strategies and tactics from the prepper point of view: what you need, what you want, what works and what's worth it. The work of prepping and survival planning is serious business these days, but it must be done - at whatever level you can participate.

This book can help you get started, expand, and solidify your supplies and your skills. Topics include: GUN REVIEWS PREPPER AMMO & CARTRIDGES AR RIFLE ACCESSORIES AND STRATEGIES SHOOTING GEAR AND TACTICS HANDGUN ACCESSORIES, GEAR AND TACTICS PREPPER FIREARMS AND SUPPORT GEAR PREPPER GEAR PREPPER STRATEGIES GUN AND GEAR MAINTENANCE . . . from an expert in prepping, survival planning, and weaponry with almost for years of personal, practical experience.

BONUS BOOK:  Arrived to us new but in shopworn condition [thank you post office] so I'm including it as a bonus item with this selection.  The First 72 Hours by Damian Campbell: Tactics & instructions for surviving the most important part of a crisis...the first 72 hours including mob violence and more!