High Quality Anti Freeze Membrane for Cryolipolysis Treatment

Will expire: 2024

Package includes:
Antifreeze membrane (Size M: 27 × 30cm)
Guarantee: 3 yearsWhat is Antifreeze Membrane?

This membrane suit the Cold Slimming machine, it can protect the skin from frostbite.

Using the Antifreeze membrane before do slimming treatment, skin rejuvenation, Antifreeze membrane is used for protection the skin during the cryotherapy.What's the functions of cryo Antifreeze Membrane?

The antifreeze membranes can protect skin from cold injury under the temperature from - 25°C to 15°C.Features
Best quality, 100% Guarantee Anti-freezing membranes.
For slimming treatment (disposable).
Unique recipe antifreeze, Skin rejuvenation.
Antifreeze protect skin from cooling.
Antifreeze used below 25°C to 15°C temperature.
Major component: Anti-freezing fluid, and other additives.
Smallest membrane in the bag to wipe the fat freeze working handle.How to compare the high quality Membrane with the bad Membrane:
High quality Membrane has abundant cooling gel, bad Membrane has little cooling gel.
High quality Membrane will offer a small piece of gift Membrane, bad Membrane does not have any gifts.
High quality Membrane has good breathability, bad Membrane does not have good breathability.
High quality Membrane can protect the skin avoid of frostbite, bad Membrane will cause frostbite.


Deionized water, glycerin, butyl glycol, serine,Vitamin F, mango seed oil and 100% density antifreeze.
This products belong to beauty products with moisturizer and anti-freeze functions

Size: 27x30cm

Authentic High Quality
CE certified RoHS compliant ISO 9004


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Lot 1 means -----1 PC membrane

Lot 10 means ---- 10 PC's membranes

Lot 20 means ----- 20 PC's membranes

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