1 Card Tarot Reading by Email

By Witdove-35+ Years Experience

This is an in-depth 1 card reading with 1 question (optional)

You will receive a picture of the card drawn, a full explanation of the meaning(s), my interpretation and an answer to your question if applicable. Question is optional at no cost.

Your reading will be done within 48 hours (unless unforeseen disasters happen) and emailed directly to your email- Information is NEVER shared! This is your personal reading and will not be publicized!!!

What I need is your date of birth. To assure you are of legal age and to help with the reading. No other information other than your email address is required!!

*All proceeds go to our OAKs CaRe Project to help the Cat Refuge needs!

You may email me directly with any question or concerns: ravenonyx13@gmail.com

If you wish a hard copy by mail it is $12 contact me for more information.

**You do not get card, only pic on your reading document**