Potty Training Toilet Seat Baby Portable Inflatable Toddler Kids Camping Outdoor

Noybo - inflatable portable travel toilet 

+ FREE 20 Nylon bags in each pack

For toddlers and bigger kids too.

Perfect to use outdoors - in the playground, at the beach, camping and more.

Whenever your kids need to go, and there are no available or hygiene toilets around.

You take it out of the bag and your travel toilet is ready in less than a minute.

Great for potty training.


Why Noybo?

It is soft and lightweight

Keeps our kid's hygiene

Reusable - each pack contains 20 nylon bags

Can carry a kids weight of 30 k.g and even more

Great as a training potty

Does your kid always needs to go when your'e out of home ?

 New !!! NoyBo - inflatable portable travel potty

 For toddlers and for bigger kids too, Great as training potty

To use outdoors  - in the playground , camping , at the beach and while traveling .

NoyBo is great whenever there are no clean or available toilets.

It is soft , lightweight , easy to carry in a bag , inflates fastly , and keeps our kids hygiene.

NoyBo can carry a child weight up to 30 K.G and even more. 


NoyBo's advantages :

Easy to use


Keeps kids hygiene


Great as training potty

Suitable for toddlers and bigger kids too

Each pack includes 20 nylon bags


How to use NoyBo ?



  Put nylon bag inside     

  Do what kids gott'a do      

  tie the bag and throw to the garbage can.


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