1715 Fleet Gold Amethyst Ring W/ Real 8 COA

Pirate Gold Coins Shipwreck Jewelry Treasures

1715 FLEET GOLD AMETHYST RING (REAL 8 COA!) PIRATE GOLD COINS TREASURE JEWELRY ORIGINAL SIGNATURE of REAL EIGHT FOUNDING MEMBER: JOHN JONES!!! This Stunning 22kt (5.02gm) Pear shape Amethyst was Discovered by an original member of the Real Eight Co. (most likely back in the early 1960’s). The Amethyst is a mesmerizing Purple color stone (almost looks like a Tanzanite to me). Certainly one of the most beautiful rings I’ve ever seen and certainly offered. This piece is History can be worn on a daily basis and easily adjusted to whatever size you would like. It’s RARE to have a piece from the 1715 FLEET like this with an “Original Signed” Certificate of Authenticity! Certainly a Celebrated piece of History!