RARE! Antique Imperial Glass
Hobstar and Arches Open Pedestal Jam/Jelly Bowl

What a truly rare and beautiful find! This open pedestal jelly bowl, by Imperial Glass is 110 years old and stunning. Due to the age of the glass the the less than perfected glass processes of the time, this piece has a light blue, almost an ice blue, color to it now even though it was an originally clear glass piece. This piece was designed to be timeless and has stood the test of time. This pattern is rare and highly sought after by collectors and consumers alike. The hobstar and arches, which appear only on the outside of the piece, along with the crimped rim to accent the entire piece's beauty, is phenomenal. This piece will spruce up any decor, no matter what you chose to use this piece for.

Also given its age, there are a few air bubbles throughout the piece. The last photo shows the largest of them - the others are very small and difficult to make show up given all of the detail within the pattern itself. There are also a few flea bites. Both of these things are due to the production process and age of the glass and can only be expected. This also assures you that as rare as this piece is, it is also a one of a kind in which the production flaws increase the value of the piece itself. Don't miss out on your opportunity to own this beautiful piece.

There are no cracks or chips in this piece. There is light surface scratches that can be seen if held up to a bright light source - none of which gouge into the glass or damage the integrity of the glass itself. This can only be expected given its age and the fact that it was preowned and used.This piece was purchased at an estate sale for an antique collector.

This piece stands 4 3/4 inches tall with a rim diameter maximum at 5 1/8 inches. The base diameter is 3 inches.

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