Nothing is by Chance. You are exactly where you were meant to be at this precise moment in time- Lenora Chance.

Merry Meet!

ELDER Djinn are much more powerful than normal Djinn. ELDER is a title of not only age but of tremendous magickal abilities. This increased ability makes wish granting faster and more precise.

This is elder djinn is a male Ghul Djinn. This entity is dark in nature.

He is talented at granting a wide variety of wishes. As a typical ghul he is very good at increasing psychic abilities that will assist you with getting anything and everything you want.

This particular djinn has worked with many very dark arts practitioners in the past. He is a master of black magick and will do whatever it takes to grant your wishes.

Here are some examples of other wishes that he can grant

















These are merely examples. Don't be afraid to ask him for any wish. You need simply to make the wish and BELIEVE to allow the magick into your life.

Any type of paranormal activity can occur. It is also normal for any being to go through periods of little or no activity. This entity likes to make noises, temperature changes, smoke, shadow movement, orbs, and more.

I was gifted with the ability to sense, see and manipulate energy. I can reach within a certain object or person and touch and move energy around. When this is combined with my ability to communicate with and bind high level spirits, the results are nothing short of miraculous. I have traveled the World and have studied under some of the finest conjurers in the World. The demand for my items is high, thus you will not an endless supply of my offerings. Binding a spirit is very serious. It is not something that should be done by persons who are not aware of the dangers involved. I will not bind demons or demonic energies, please do not ask me to do so. These are not djinn. They are not trainable or good natured. They do not grant wishes. In exchange for your soul, they will bring to you a few material rewards.........the price you will pay is steep.

What is being offered is a direct binding of a top level djinn spirit.

What is involved?

I begin by asking for some information from you. Your name and Date of birth. I will use this information to connect directly to your energies. This process is necessary in order to match a djinn spirit perfectly to you. During this time, I will also perform a complete cleansing of your aura. This deep cleansing will not affect any spells or direct bindings you may already have. If you would like me to completely wipe your aura of all other spells/spirits I will be glad to do so at no extra charge.

The cleansing of your aura prepares you to accept the djinn.

I will then perform a ritual and summon forth a top level male or female djinn ( your choice) . This djinn will come forth willingly and be bound directly to your aura. A direct binding of a spirit is the strongest form of bond that can be achieved. This spirit is completely in tune with your thoughts and feelings and will grant wishes without being asked to do so. Your life will transform almost immediately as your personal djinn begins to bring you all of the desires of your heart and soul.

Is this dangerous?

Not at all. I only bind positive spirits. Binding a spirit to you is no different than binding it to a piece of jewelry, except that the bond is MUCH, MUCH stronger! You will feel the djinn and see many more manifestations than you ever could hope for from a djinn that is bound to a piece of jewelry.

Will my djinn have a name?

Yes. You will be sent instructions with the name of your djinn and a very short ritual to activate it. This is a one time activation. Your djinn will remain with you all of the days of your life. When you pass away, your djinn will be free.

Can I have my djinn bound to a ring or pendant instead of myself if I so desire?

Yes. If you prefer to have your djinn bound to a piece of jewelry, I will be glad to do so, no extra charge.

I offer only high quality jewelry items that you will be honored to own. No junk!

Paypal only please. Payment due immediately. I will need your name and date of birth for spell cast.

You will not receive any item by mail. This is a direct energy spell cast.

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