Butterfly Weed ( Asclepias tuberosa)

Butterfly Weed is native to the Mid-Atlantic region. A beautiful and important plant indeed! A must for every butterfly garden because it is in the Milkweed family. Milkweeds are the larval host plant for Monarch butterflies, but draw many types of other adult butterflies for nectar. The plant will come to you in a 3.5 inch pot. Soak thoroughly before planting. Plant in a permanent location as they have a tap root and resent transplanting. Water regularly until established.

Description: This beautiful, bright orange plant grows 1 - 2 f tall, with narrow dark green leaves.

Culture: Well drained soil, sandy or clay. Full sun. Drought tolerant once established. Great for xeriscaping. Will not do well in moist soils. Bloom time is June - August. Hardy in zones 3 - 8.

Companion Plants: Phlox, Wild Blue Lupine, Goldenrod, Maryland Golden aster, Goat’s Rue.

Wildlife Benefit: Host plant for Monarch Butterfly. Nectar attracts other butterflies such as hairstreaks, fritillaries and pearl crescent.

Eco-friendly grower
All of my plants are grown using earth friendly techniques, from seed collection to watering with rainwater. Pots are 100% recycled, some are re-used containers, others are made from recycled plastics. Plants are fed with PLANT-TONE by Espoma, an organic fertilizer and/or worm castings. I grow plants that can replace those lost to development in order to help sustain wildlife that depend on them. You can be assured that you are not getting plants from the wild, which is unethical and further contributes to habitat loss.

***Check my other listings. I am adding more wildlife-friendly native perennials everyday***

Payment, shipping and handling policies

We gladly accept PAYPAL, GOOGLE CHECKOUT, and POSTAL MONEY ORDERS. Additional plants ship for just $1.00 each. Shipping price also includes the price of transportation as well as packing materials as plants must be well packed to withstand shipping.

Prior to shipment, all plants will be inspected, pruned, labeled, individually wrapped and banded, then placed securely in their box. This is done to ensure you receive quality plants. They will then be shipped via Priority mail on the Monday or Tuesday after payment is received. This is done to ensure they arrive quickly and safely. Large orders may be sent FedEx. We reserve the right to hold shipments in extreme weather until plants can travel safely. For local customers who wish to pick up their order to save on shipping, please email us before ordering.

Native plant range and our shipping (PLEASE READ)
Most of our plants are also found native to the Midwest, however that is generally the extent of their range. In an effort to keep our native plants native to their natural range, we do not ship west of the Great Plain States. This includes Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii. If you live in these states, please do not order.

Should there be any problems with your order, please notify us within 48 hours of receipt. Sometimes, despite our best care, plant can get dehydrated in transit. This is usually easily remedied, by soaking the plant in a shallow dish of water in a shady location for 1 -2 hours.